Turn Unused Space into Revenue Streams: The Gym Owner’s Guide to Subleasing

Jim Thomas
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

Tired of staring at that empty corner? Let’s face it, every gym has underutilized space that could be generating income. We’re talking about unlocking hidden revenue potential through strategic subleasing!

Here’s how to transform your gym from a fitness haven to a revenue-generating hub:

1. Identify the Perfect Fit:

Not just any business will do. Look for complementary services that enhance the member experience and create a well-rounded wellness haven. Think:

  • Nutritionists: Offer personalized meal plans and consultations.
  • Chiropractors and Massage Therapists: Provide post-workout relief and injury prevention.
  • Beauty Salons and Barbershops: Pamper members after a sweaty session.
  • Small Insurance Companies: Offer convenient health insurance options on-site.
  • Dry Cleaners: Keep workout gear fresh and ready for the next session.

2. Become a Landlord, Not a Roommate:

Remember, you’re the property owner, not a business partner. Set a fixed monthly rent that covers utilities, maintenance, and a fair return on your investment.

3. Leverage Your Existing Audience:

Don’t let your new tenants miss out on your built-in customer base! Integrate them into your marketing efforts:

  • Offer bundled packages: Combine gym memberships with discounted services from your subleased businesses.
  • Cross-promotion: Feature your tenants on social media, newsletters, and even in-gym displays.
  • Co-host events: Organize joint workshops, wellness talks, or fitness challenges to cross-promote each other’s offerings.

4. Maintain Your Brand Identity:

While welcoming new businesses, ensure they align with your brand and values. Establish clear guidelines for aesthetics, customer service, and overall operation to maintain the cohesive atmosphere your gym is known for.

5. Legal Considerations:

Don’t skip the legal stuff! Consult a lawyer to draft a comprehensive sublease agreement that…



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