A Guide to Being Kind to Others During a Pandemic

The pandemic turned life upside-down for many. In tumultuous times, it’s easy to get focused on yourself and overlook how you may impact other people. Luckily, by focusing on how your actions affect others and making wiser choices, you can…

The Nitty Gritty of Starting a Gym

Rarely does an individual feel absolutely passionate about their job. Many of us crave the freedom and autonomy of running our own business. …

79% of Direct Mail Recipients Either READ or SCAN the Mail They Get.

(USPS & UDMP Certified Direct Mail Professional)

When you send a marketing message, you obviously want people to see it. Email might be cheaper, but it’s easily ignored. Direct mail will, on the other hand, get read…

With 2021 here, there has been great headway made towards ending the pandemic. Experts estimate that this summer could be when our first return to normalcy happens, but what does that mean for your business?

Consumers will hopefully be out in droves, spending more than ever. To capitalize on this…


Over 25 years ago the Milk industry raised public conscientiousness with these two simple words; GOT MILK?

This is the direction the fitness industry needs to take immediately. We can’t just sit around and take it. …

Jim Thomas

214–629–7223 | Gym Business Expert | Gym Consultant | Outsourced CEO/COO | Gym Broker | Expert Witness | Sales Trainer | Gym Equipment | Funding 75M+

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